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Our Story

We exist to center the experiences of those who have been historically excluded and reimagine a more equitable workplace.

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At Common Culture
Coaching & consulting

We are excited about work! More specifically, we are excited about workplaces where everyone is welcome and encouraged to be their full authentic selves. It was from our desire for equitable and just workplaces that our name was born: “common,” meaning shared, or something you see everyday, and “culture,” being all of the values, beliefs, and norms that make up a group, society or organization. By bringing the two together, we strive to achieve our mission of normalizing everyday experiences for everyday workplaces.

We aim to empower, encourage and advocate for inclusivity in the workplace and beyond.
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We have a dream that one day organizations will be run by equity-minded leaders who create positive societal impact. 

At CommonCulture CC we embrace:

  • Humility

  • Imagination

  • Curiosity

  • Equity

  • Courage

  • Authenticity

In a Meeting

About Jonathan

"The separation between work and life have been blurred for a long time. In fact, I don't think it ever really existed."

Yo! My name is Jonathan Dumas (the s is silent) and I am the founder and owner of Common Culture Coaching & Consulting. I am passionate about leadership and equitable workplaces, so much so in fact that I became an Organizational Psychologist and Leadership Coach. I freely let my creativity and charisma shine through my coaching, consulting, facilitations, and training because that's who I am!


Over the last decade, I have coached and consulted leaders in higher education, non-profit, and for-profit organizations on creating sustainable and thriving cultures that encourage diversity, equity, inclusivity, and justice.

It’s not all about work, I also love

  • My plants - I have about 20+ plants and counting. 

  • A good drink  - My go-to is a whiskey sour.

  • Connecting with people. 

  • Hosting my podcast, Real Talk with Dumas, where my guest and I explore how societal forces (racism, sexism, and a whole lot of other isms) impact our lives. 

  • Laughing - There is always an opportunity to find some joy.

  • Spending time with my family - Road trips and long walks that turn into mini adventures with my partner, Lindsay.


Our services

Facilitations, Workshops, Trainings

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